Slip Up Rack Your Brain: with the Minimum Cost to Achieve Goals

Friday, 25 December 2015


slip up.jpg


In our fast-tempo society, we often want to use our limited resource to get maximized benefits. Today we want to introduce you a casual game Slip Up which themed as the principle of efficient. Players should use minimum moves to reach the end point.


In this game, the goal is to reach the star of each level by moving the ball. Players can sliding across the screen in one direction, then the ball will move automatically in the chosen direction until meet an obstacle. And the ball will stop when reaching the edge of the level or colliding with a block. In this respect, we can only say the gameplay is simple instead of this game is simple.



Slid Up sets 5 worlds with different characteristics. Your way of thinking will be totally changed by different object in each world. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to pass a level. But, it’s difficult to get high score. If you want to unlock next world, you have to collect enough stars. It is not an easy thing.


In Slip Up, players must think about how to reach the star with minimum moves. If you love to rack your brain, this is a good choice.