Pig Wing Get Trapped in Pyramid: How to Escape from Difficulties?

Friday, 25 December 2015




Pig gets a wing which makes him looks like a bat. However, it is still not an easy thing for him to escape from the pyramid which is full of traps and guardians. SUNG PILL PACK develops such a casual game ‘Pig Wing’ about this story.


Pig Wing contains level mode and endless mode. In Pyramid, each room is a level for challenge. And the level will be harder and harder gradually. The only way of passing level is finding the key and walking to the exit. If you could collect all coins, that would be great. Except the traps and guardians, there also have some monsters, fire, etc to threat pig’s safety. And the development rules that the pigs will die in different ways according to what he meets.


And you may find there has hints how to operate this game on the pyramid. This pig will keep flying if you continues to tap the screen. In Pig Wing, there has 5 ridiculously annoying stages for you. And according to official, “1 secret stage that will make you want to throw the phone”. Let’s make it to the end!